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Historical staff ride used to teach past lessons to current leaders in a small group setting. 





Overview | EF Battlefield Review
The military has long utilized battlefield reviews, commonly referred to as ‘Staff Rides,’ to develop their leaders. Staff rides are a unique method of conveying past lessons to present-day leaders, both military and private sector, for current application. Offering customized tours at historical battlefields, participants walk through key successive battlefield locations (known as “stands”) where they receive an overview of the historical situation from a subject matter expert. The EF Team will then facilitate a discussion regarding the leadership theme related to current business challenges and implement practical application exercises to help participants understand how to implement the leadership principles on their own battlefield. LIMITED TO 40-45 PARTICIPANTS
Results | EF Battlefield Review

The experience is intended to bring to life, on the very terrain where historic encounters took place, examples, applicable today as in the past, of leadership tactics and strategy, communications, use of terrain, and, above all, the psychology of all people, in battle, business, and life. 


Investment: $4,450/attendee 

What does “staff ride” mean?  

A historical term that means conveying past lessons learned within current day context. 


Event is outdoors on a historical battlefield. Guided tour and small group breakout sessions at each ‘stand’.

What’s Included?

Ticket includes all necessary equipment, transport to/from hotel to Battlefield site, and meals. 

Previous training or knowledge required?  

We will send out recommendations for the specific event.


Combined field and classroom training provided. 


This course has absolutely changed my life. The leadership lessons shared by Jocko, Leif, Jason, and Steve overlapped perfectly with the lessons-learned at Gettysburg. The applications to personal and professional life can’t be overstated. 


This was a truly unique experience and a great opportunity to connect with proven and developing leaders to discuss how the decisions and events that took place on this historical battlefield still apply to situations business leaders face today. 


This event completely exceeded my expectations. I have never experienced an event like Battlefield before…Leadership lessons brought forth from the battlefield of Gettysburg by the EF team and made applicable to my personal and professional life will never be forgotten. Next year I’m bringing my entire team! 


“The EF Battlefield is a perfect platform to demonstrate how leadership decisions, good and bad, can mean the difference between winning or losing… or life of death. I can’t recommend this event enough”.