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First Women’s FTX

Hands-on, real-world training on Extreme Ownership Leadership Principles. Participants experience challenging and chaotic situations to bring to life the power of effectively applying the 4 Laws of Combat.

SEPT. 4-6, 2024

San Antonio, TX


why attend?

Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental leadership principles of Extreme Ownership and how to implement them in real time. The lessons are pragmatic, applicable, and geared toward every level of leadership, from the C-suite to the front lines.

Echelon Front’s Field Training Exercise is for any person from any walk of life who wants to learn practical leadership, strategies, and tactics for all levels of leadership in every field in -real-time.

Investment: $2,250/attendee 



Lessons learned in War, Business, and Life.

The Echelon Front Field Training Exercise Program is a leadership training protocol that teaches, reviews, tests, and ingrains the leadership principles of Extreme Ownership utilizing experiential learning, dynamic feedback, and a carefully formulated methodology. Attendees are first taught leadership principles, then the basic strategies, tactics, and techniques suitable for the training environment. Once prepared, participants are formed into teams, assigned leadership positions, and tasked with a mission. Attendees plan and execute the mission, where they will face leadership challenges that they must overcome by utilizing the fundamental principles of leadership, including the four Laws of Combat, Extreme Ownership, and the Dichotomies of Leadership.

Detailed debriefs after each training mission will help participants make direct connections from the leadership lessons, they are learning to actual leadership challenges they are working through in their professional and personal lives. After the debrief, instructors select new leaders for the team and assign another mission. All participants will both lead and follow while rotating through various positions of the team. Women’s FTX is not a gunfighting or tactical warfighting course. It is a leadership course. The leadership principles imbued in the attendees apply to any leader in any situation, in business, and in life. 

Mission Planning Overview

  • Learn the importance of planning
  • Standard Operating Procedures – why we have them and how to implement mission planning techniques, checklists, and contingency plans


Tactics and Walkthroughs

  • Weapon familiarization
  • Basic gunfighting tactics
  • Mission rehearsals


FTX Scenarios

  • Rapidly execute 20-30 minute, time-sensitive target missions
  • Each participant will operate in both leadership and individual roles
  • Debriefs after each mission link lessons learned to current business challenges your company is battling




Chief Operating Officer

Jamie Cochran joined Leif Babin and Jocko Willink as the first employee at Echelon Front in 2014. She quickly expanded her initial role as Director of Operations and was named Chief Operating Officer in early 2021. As a speaker and Leadership Instructor, she makes the connection between the combat leadership principles of Extreme Ownership and how she implements them in her life as a business leader, woman, mother of three, and wife of a former Navy SEAL.



Director of Experiential Training

Codey Gandy is a former U.S. Marine, and currently a leadership instructor, speaker, and strategic advisor for Echelon Front. Codey spent just over 5 years working as a ground combat leader for various units in the Marine Corps.


Testimonials from past Extreme Ownership Field Training Exercise Participants

“No testimonial will ever come close to explaining the impact this FTX had on my team of subordinate leaders and myself. This was a career/life changing experience.” 

Gary Bright
Swinerton Builders

“FTX was the best leadership training I have ever received; it was a high stress, real world environment, that forced me to use the 4 laws of combat to succeed. The EF Team was able to illustrate in real time the importance of leadership and how the execution of the 4 laws of combat is imperative to success in business, but more importantly success in day-to-day life.” 

Guinness McFadden

“In my 20 plus years I have been through many leadership classes- Bell Leadership, Ken Blanchard Situational leadership, and Pacific Institute just to name a few. That being said, I have never been through a training that was as impactful and life changing as our last leadership summit with Echelon Front. The take a ways from the EF FTX training and leadership summit were great. During the FTX training I realized how imperative clear, simple communication can be and it can make or break a team. I decided at that moment I would make sure our teams started simple and clear communication.”

Terri B., General Manager

JES Foundation Repair

This 2Day FTX investment will undoubtedly generate a higher and more immediate corporate ROI in young managers than sending them to a 2year MBA program 


If you think you understand the Laws of Combat, humble your ego and think again. This training brings principles into reality and translates them into an applicable format you can immediately utilize in your business. 


If you think you understand the Laws of Combat, humble your ego and think again. This training brings principles into reality and translates them into an applicable format you can immediately utilize in your business. 


FTX was a special opportunity to learn hard lessons of the demands and burden of leadership. It was a humbling experience that improved my abilities as a leader like nothing else I have ever experienced. 




What to expect


  • Learn the importance of planning 
  • Standard Operating Procedures – why we have them and how to implement mission planning techniques, checklists, and contingency plans 


  • Weapon familiarization 
  • Basic gunfighting tactics 
  • Mission rehearsals 


  • Rapidly execute 20-30 minute, time-sensitive target missions 
  • Each participant will operate in both leadership and individual roles 
  • Debriefs after each mission link lessons learned to current business challenges your company is battling 


  • MON, SEPT 09: Registration 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
    Location: Assembly 002 Hotel: Grand Hyatt San Antonio


  • TUE, SEP 10: Training Day Location will be announced in Warning order after registered
    Training 7:00 am – 4:00 pm


  • Light breakfast and snacks included
  • Lunch included
  • Shuttle included to and from the hotel
  • No dinner included that night 




You can book rooms at a discounted rate using the link below:

Room rates start at $169/night

Grand Hyatt San Antonio

600 East Market St., San Antonio, TX 78205
*Same as Assembly 002


San Antonio International Airport (SAT)

Closest Airport: 13 miles away from hotel



Ticket Price: $2,250 each person  
Limited To 34 Tickets

*Ticket does not include flights or hotel reservations 

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Bundle price for FTX + Assembly: $3,095

Savings for Bundle: $1,050

One-Day FTX, no Assembly: $2,250



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Where and when is The FTX x ASSEMBLY?

Grand Hyatt San Antonio, 600 East Market St., San Antonio, TX

September 9 – September 10, 2024

What is included in my registration?

Registration includes access to all training, breakfast, snacks, and lunch, and transportation to and from the hotel to the training site. No dinner included that night.

What should I wear?

The FTX x Assembly is a learning environment. Wear clothes in which you are comfortable. Consider bringing a jacket or sweater to wear in the conference rooms. 

Who should attend?

THE FTX x ASSEMBLY is for any woman in any aspect of their life looking to become a better leader at work, at home, and every other aspect of life and connect with like-minded women. 

Are children allowed?

The FTX x Assembly is for adults only 

Will I receive a Certificate of Completion?

Yes. Each FTX x Assembly attendee will receive a certificate of completion at the conclusion of Day 2. 

How will I receive information about The ASSEMBLY after registering?

Upon registration, you will receive an email from events@echelonfront.com with some additional information. As we near the event, additional emails will be sent with updated information. If you have not received any emails from us, please first check your junk/spam mailbox. You can also email us at events@echelonfront.com, and we will ensure your information is up to date in our system. 

I registered for the event on behalf of someone else. How do I get this ticket updated with the correct attendee information?

Email us at Events@echelonfront.com with the following: 

  • Your name (first and last) 
  • Order number (if you have it) 
  • The first and last name of the actual registrant 
  • Email address for the actual registrant 
Do I need to have a physical copy of the ticket printed when registering on-site?

A printed ticket is not needed. We will be able to check you in at registration using your name and/or email. Having your ticket/order number accessible via mobile device is always helpful and will speed up your registration process in the event of any issues. 

I registered, but I am no longer able to attend. Am I able to get a refund?

We currently do not extend refunds for events. For those that notify us of a conflict AT LEAST 30 days prior to the event, we will honor a TRANSFER of your ticket to a future event. For extenuating circumstances, please email us at events@echelonfront.com 

I need a copy of my order receipt. How can I obtain this?

First be sure to check your junk/spam mailbox as the order receipt will be emailed to you. If you are unable to find this, simply email us and we will send you a PDF copy of your order receipt. 

Email us with:
• Your name (first and last)
• Your order number (if available) 

Can I pay for my ticket via check/purchase order/ACH transfer?

You may choose to pay by ACH at checkout. For other questions regarding payment, email events@echelonfront.com 

I registered for a group of tickets that are now in my name. How can I update this to include each of my team members separately?

Email events@echelonfront.com when registering a group. 


TRANSFER TO ANOTHER PERSON – Registration can be transferred to another person easily online using the order number provided on your receipt. To ensure the event certifications and materials are printed properly for each attendee, we request that a transfer to another person is executed five (5) business days prior to the start of the event. You can also request assistance with this by emailing our OPS team at events@echelonfront.com. 

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  • Administrative Fee: All refunds are subject to a $175.00 administrative fee. 
  • If canceled at least eight (8) weeks before the start of the event, a full refund (less the administrative fee) will be refunded. 
  • If canceled at least four (4) weeks before the start of the event, 70% of the registration fee (less the administrative fee) will be refunded. 
  • No refunds will be offered within four (4) weeks of the engagement. For extenuating circumstances, please email us for consideration at events@echelonfront.com. 

FORCE MAJEURE – If Echelon Front is prevented from carrying out its obligations as it pertains to the event you registered for as a result of any cause beyond its control, or such event cannot be held or does not occur due to acts of God, strikes, labor disputes, government requisitions, restrictions or regulations on travel, hotel or facility availability, commodities or supplies, war or apparent act of war, terrorism, disaster, civil disorder, epidemic or pandemic, curtailment or restriction on transportation facilities, or any other comparable calamity, casualty or condition (collectively a “Force Majeure”) Echelon Front shall have the right to terminate the affected Conference without liability and shall be relieved of its obligations to the registrant. 

  • If the affected event is terminated due to a Force Majeure occurrence before the first day of the Conference, Echelon Front will reschedule the affected ASSEMBLY | WOMEN’S ASSEMBLY LIVE Event if and as practical under the circumstances, and your registration fee will be applied to the rescheduled Event. If you are unable to attend the rescheduled Event, then you may transfer the registration fee you paid, upon written notification to Echelon Front at events@echelonfront.com towards another Echelon Front Event you may transfer to another individual in your place, so long as space is still available. Echelon Front reserves the right, at its discretion, to approve or deny such registration fee transfer requests. Additionally, Echelon Front does not assume responsibility for any additional costs, charges, or expenses, including charges made for travel and lodging.